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We’ve got decades of experience helping organizations optimize their Continuous Improvement journey. You may already know what you need, but even if you don’t, we can help you figure it out. 

The Wow Factor:

Shifting Mindsets with a Virtual Lean Simulation

Looking for a way to engage problem solvers in a virtual environment? 

Our Wow Factor simulation is the answer!


Immerse problem solvers in a virtual, interactive, competitive experience that helps participants understand the basics of Continuous Improvement. Teams work in a simulated process, experience typical process issues, apply root cause analysis and implement countermeasures to fix problems.

It’s a fast and effective way to deliver a Lean proof-of-concept and get remote teams launched on process improvement.


Format: Remote with Live Instructors

Timing: Two 4-Hour Sessions 

Participants: 24

“Change your thoughts and you can change the world.”

- Norman Vincent Peale

Can-Do Kaizen WorkShop

Are you looking for a way to solve problems quickly with remote teams? 

Do you need to take your Continuous Improvement to the next level? 

Virtual Kaizen Workshops, also known as Rapid Improvement Events, are the perfect way to build employee’s problem-solving skills. Kaizen Events provide powerful improvement sessions that drive targeted results. Why not invest in developing these skills within your organization? 

Format: Remote with Live Instructors
Timing: Six 4-Hour Sessions 
Participants: 12

Lean Six Sigma Problem-Solving Fitness Program

Are you spending too much time working “in the process” and not enough time working “on the process”? Are you losing your problem-solving edge?


Join our Problem-Solving Fitness Program and tone your problem-solving muscles. This program is designed to get you on a root-cause regimen so you can challenge process issues faster with better results. Build better process habits and hone your current best practices! 


Format: Remote with Live Instructors

Timing: Six 2.5-Hour Sessions 

Participants: 15

Problem-Solving Fitness Program for Lean Leaders

Would you like to be a better coach for your problem solvers? Are you looking to amp up your ability to foster a Continuous Improvement culture? Do you need help cultivating a workforce of problem solvers?

Join our Problem-Solving Fitness Program for Leaders and discover ways to grow the problem-solving muscles of others. This program provides you with hands-on learning and practice so you can become the Lean Leader you want to be. Build a better army of problem solvers! 

Format: Remote with Live Instructors
Timing: Six 2.5-Hour Sessions 
Participants: 15

“If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself first and the organization gets pulled up with you.”

- Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo

Base Camp Boot Camp:

Journey to Transformational Excellence Starts Here

Are you just getting started with your Lean Six Sigma efforts or is it time to reinvigorate your approach? There are endless ways to drive transformation and Base Camp Boot Camp provides you with a roadmap and plan that works for your organization.

Prepare yourself for a successful journey by building your own path forward. You’ll leave the workshop ready to implement your own detailed plan, follow your roadmap and hit your goals.


  • Base Camp Builder: Building a LSS strategic plan

    • Vision, Mission, Goals

    • Cultural Reflections

      • Strengths

      • Gaps

  • Trail Guide for the Tribe: Building a roadmap for lean cultural transformation

  • Survival Skills Training: Building a Lean Six Sigma Training & Deployment Plan


Format: Remote with Live Instructors
Timing: Six 4-Hour Sessions 
Participants: No more than 8

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.”

- Chinese Proverb

In The Trenches

Are you a Do-It-Yourself Lean Six Sigma veteran but find yourself stuck? Did your plan take an unexpected detour? Do you need some help? If you want more support than a webinar or a course—if you want to start on the right foot give us a call. We’ll roll up our sleeves and give you hands-on guidance through your Continuous Improvement Journey. We live where the rubber meets the road—we’re here for you!

Rock the House

“Decrease defects!” might not work as a rallying cry, so how do you inspire the troops? Do you need a Lean Six Sigma expert who engages a crowd? Are you looking to infuse energy into your Lean efforts? Book us to speak at your next meeting or conference. We’ll bring vitality, experience and a little something extra—we’ll rock the house!

“Shine your brave light brightly and your people will find you”

- Donna Ashworth


“Shine your brave light brightly and your people will find you”

- Donna Ashworth



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