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Just-in-Time Cafe

Just-in-Time Cafe

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Just-in-Time Cafe
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Causal Reasoning: Lean Special Sauce for Root Cause Analysis

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Are your fishbones a bit dry?
Is your Ishikawa a bit wishy-washy?
Do your 5-Whys leave you yyyyyawning?

You need some Causal Reasoning in your life—the mind-bending, perspective-shifting technique that you’ll wish you’d discovered years ago. Take your Root Cause Analysis to a new level of thoroughness and dig your way down to holistic causes & effects. This technique will help you uncover the hidden connections and interdependencies that often go unnoticed, resulting in more accurate problem-solving and prevention strategies. Something everyone needs in their toolkit.

Come to join guest host Peter Cullen, the Continuous Improvement Lead and Master Black Belt for Shell Global Mobility, for the 1-hour webinar. Peter is coming to us directly from Scotland with over 30 years in the process improvement industry, and a flair for making learning a joyful experience. Prepare to be educated!


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Tracy Gray Tee.jpg

Tracy O'Rourke

Two things about my work intrigue me. I love helping clients solve their culture puzzle. What’s working well? What’s not? What norms hold the current culture in place? How can we understand the root causes behind why the culture is the way it is? Then we work to build an intentional culture. 

At the individual level, I love the “Aha” moment when people realize that this stuff works. I love it when they’re hungry to apply the concepts even more. These are my true rewards.  


Elisabeth Swan

I’m a translator. I love taking complicated topics and deciphering them, so they make sense to myself and everyone around me. I love collaborating with clients and colleagues to build a problem-solving culture together. I get a huge sense of satisfaction working with others to overcome seemingly intractable organizational barriers.


I get a kick out of sharing what I’ve learned so the people I work with don’t have to struggle quite so much for so long or at least not as much as I did. I love the moment when a student no longer needs me.

“I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.” – Thomas Edison

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Solving problems is messy. Changing the culture takes time. Working remotely is still new. But it’s all a bit easier when you have someone to lean on. There's a place for everyone to gather! Come hang out at the Just-In-Time Cafe where problem solvers enjoy vital connections. Come find inspiration and learn from friends, experts and colleagues. 

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