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Building a Strategic Plan for Lean Transformation, with the Denver Peak Academy

Do you know where you’re headed? Most employees can answer the “Who are we?” question with some consistency, but many struggle with how to answer, “Where are we headed?” Employees can feel as if they’re operating in fog, especially when their main job is to help other teams achieve their goals. If you don’t know where you’re headed, any road will do. Having a strategic plan brings clarity to daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities. It helps prioritize what to work on and when.

Check out this 1-hour webinar where Denver Peak Academy will shared their struggles and successes during their journey to build team clarity and alignment within their Lean Transformation strategic plan.


  • Elements of strategic planning for transformation

  • A method for working on the strategic planning elements

  • Team collaboration in a virtual environment

  • The end product in MURAL

Free Download—Sample Strategic Plan:

Peak Academy Strategic Plan 2022
Download PDF • 4.36MB


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