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Care for People & Animals Drives Award-Winning Improvement, featuring Audrey Lang and Tina Nguyen

It's Episode 66 and Tracy & Elisabeth find out how the San Diego Humane Society won the "Top Workplace" Award. Organizational leaders Audrey Lang and Tina Nguyen describe how their care-centered culture improves their ability to rehabilitate animals while simultaneously driving improvement efforts with employee "bliss." We’ll let you in on an app we’re using to jazz up learner engagement and for Q&A we’ll dig into a paradox: The opposite of talking isn’t listening, it’s waiting to talk. Come enjoy spring at the cafe!


• 2:00 Hot Apps: "Kahoot!" amps learner engagement with competition

• 6:45 Q&A: “Is the opposite of listening waiting to talk?”

• 16:57 Featured Guests: Interview with Audrey Lang & Tina Nguyen of The San Diego Humane Society

• 53:00 Upcoming Events

UC San Diego Course: Lean Six Sigma Leadership

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