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Causal Reasoning: Lean Special Sauce for Root Cause Analysis, with Peter Cullen

Are your fishbones a bit dry?

Is your Ishikawa a bit wishy-washy?

Do your 5-Whys leave you yyyyyawning?

You need some Causal Reasoning in your life—the mind-bending, perspective-shifting technique that you’ll wish you’d discovered years ago. Take your Root Cause Analysis to a new level of thoroughness and dig your way down to holistic causes & effects. This technique will help you uncover the hidden connections and interdependencies that often go unnoticed, resulting in more accurate problem-solving and prevention strategies. Something everyone needs in their toolkit.

Check out this 1-hour video led by guest host Peter Cullen, the Continuous Improvement Lead and Master Black Belt for Shell Global Mobility (think customer-facing bits—gas stations, foodcourts, shops etc.). Peter joined us directly from Scotland with over 30 years in the process improvement industry, and a flair for making learning a joyful experience. Prepare to be educated!


- Root Cause Analysis—the Shortfalls- Why We Need Another Way

- Isaac Newton, Gravity, and Root Cause Analysis

- Newton’s First Law of Motion: Nothing Causes Nothing

- Flipping the Negatives

- The Big "How?" - Building a Causal Tree

- Q&A

Other Resources:

- Music Video - Baby Got Tools


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