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Game On: Unlocking Lean Innovation through Deliberate Play, with Marie Genevieve Pawlak

Would you like to build stronger connections within your teams? Are you looking to enhance trust while making continuous improvement fun and impactful? Check out the dynamic world of game-based learning and discover how it can revolutionize Lean and Six Sigma practices in your organization.

Guest host Marie Geneviève Pawlak of Prime Alchemy presents the 1-hour video, "Game On: Unlocking Lean Innovation through Deliberate Play". She showcases the powerful role of deliberate play in fostering creative problem solving, innovation, and process improvement. Marie is an expert in integrating engaging case studies, real-world activities, and hands-on games tailored to the work environment.


  • Deliberate Play Comes to Lean Six Sigma

  • Applying Game-Based Learning to Problem Solving

  • Learning Experience & Real-World Case Studies

  • Real Play & Design Sprints Simulate Lean Challenges

  • Using Interactive Methods to Simulate Trust

  • Q&A

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