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Green Belt? Check - Now What?, with Cecil Bell and Jason Scott

Does your organization suffer from “one and done” syndrome? People often receive Green Belt certificates and then … nothing. If that’s a familiar hurdle, the Navy might have something to teach you. Process Improvement Specialists, Jason Scott and Cecil Bell, Jr., say the number one question they get after completing a Green Belt class is, “How do I join a team?” Without ongoing projects, that’s hard to answer.

At the Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) at the San Diego Naval Base, they are building a yellow brick road to improvement. That means there’s always projects starting, in process, and nearing completion. They’ve ensured that all Green Belt graduates have the option to select and become part of a project. Check out this 1-hour video to learn how Cecil and Jason paved the way so Green Belts could continue their journeys towards operational excellence.


  • Process Improvement at the Navy—SWRMC History

  • Future Direction: “Get Real—Get Better”

  • Current State of Training

  • Navy Cultural Challenges

  • Mistakes and Learnings

  • Sample Project Successes

  • Q&A

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