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How to Drive the Best Remote Brainstorming for Lean Teams

Have you ever posed a question to a team and...crickets? Multiple brains solving a problem should be better than one, so why doesn’t it always translate to better ideas? With the pandemic, remote video and physical distance hampers group brainstorming even more.

We can and should do better. There’s a way to take advantage of how our brains work and transform remote teamwork. Remote problem solving is not going away so come join this 1-hour webinar to practice forming superior ideation habits—less work and better ideas!

Learning Objectives:

After completing this Webinar, you will be able to:

- Describe the inhibitors to group brainstorming

- List the steps to enhance remote brainstorming

- Outline typical “How can we” questions

- Identify how you get your best ideas


- The problem with group brainstorming

- What makes the difference

- How to get the best remote results

- Planning your next group problem-solving session

- Q&A


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