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How to Facilitate Successful Lean Events Using MURAL

The recent shift to remote meetings has challenged us to rethink the delivery of team activities. In this webinar we'll walk through how to use technology to replicate in-person collaboration in a way that engages and produces great outcomes. We'll cover how to simulate the onsite feeling of connectivity by taking advantage the available technology to make remote collaboration more effective.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this Webinar, you will be able to:

  • Define a successful remote collaboration session

  • List the advantages of increased online participant engagement

  • Describe ways to increase online participant engagement

  • Describe how to use key software applications to run working sessions

  • Outline the steps to take before, during and after online events


  • The design phase - Important steps to consider when designing a remote session using MURAL

  • Before the event - How to get your audience engaged and excited leading up to the event

  • During the event - Technical tips to make facilitation effective

  • After the event - Extra steps to take to ensure actions and follow-up go smoothly

  • Live Interactive Session

  • Q&A


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