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How to Learn Toyota Kata and Add Every-Day Improvement to Your Lean Practice

Are you looking to build stronger daily habits as a problem-solving, scientific thinker? Does your Continuous Improvement program truly engage hearts and minds, every day?

Are mentoring relationships designed into your workplace culture?

The Continuous Improvement community is catching on to the power of learning and coaching for true daily improvement. Jeff Liker’s The Toyota Way 2nd Edition puts scientific thinking and the Starter Kata at the center. Kata is a Japanese term that means both practice routine, and the way of doing. The Kata aren't Lean tools, but all the Lean tools play well with the Improvement and Coaching Kata.

If you are a certified Lean expert or simply a curious beginner, how do you learn the Starter Kata as described in Mike Rother's The Toyota Kata Practice Guide? What do you have to unlearn or relearn to make this part of your way of working? Join adult educator and Kata Coach Tracy Defoe for this webinar to find your learning path.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this webinar you will be able to:

  • Describe the two patterns for daily improvement from Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata duo, the Improvement Kata and the Coaching Kata.

  • Identify how the Starter Kata plays well with all Continuous Improvement tools

  • Recognize opportunities and support in learning and mastering the Starter Kata

  • Explain how to connect with the Kata community worldwide through Kata Schools.


  • What is the Starter Kata, what is Toyota Kata?

  • Why would you want to learn this?

  • How to connect with the Kata community, find a coach or improve your practice?

  • Kata Stories: Kata in Secret, Kata Girl Geeks, Kata Schools

  • Q&A


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