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How to Pick the Right Lean Six Sigma Map and Build It

Continuous Improvement offers many ways to map out processes, plans and systems, but you may be unclear on which one to use and when to use it. When does a macro process flow help? Can you add a timeline to a Swimlane (Deployment) Map? Would color-coding help? What about the flow of IT systems, is there a good way to capture that?

Topnotch instructor and Lean Six Sigma Mater Black Belt Jim Athon will walk us through real examples of key mapping options. He’ll cover which maps to use when and how to construct them. Maps help us grasp the current state and plan for a better future state, so check out this 1-hour webinar to get the inside scoop!

Learning Objectives:

After completing this Webinar, you will be able to:

● List key mapping options within Continuous Improvement

● Differentiate when it’s best to use the different map types

● Describe how to construct key Lean Six Sigma maps

● Identify the benefits of different key maps


● Lean Six Sigma Mapping Options

● Macro Process Flow

● Swimlane (Deployment) Maps

● IT Systems Flow

● Gantt Charts

● Q&A

Who is Jim Athon:


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