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How To Solve Complex Problems in a Virtual Lean Environment

Have you ever tried to tackle a multi-million dollar problem with a 4-year backlog in a pandemic, involving five departments, with a need for intense collaboration while socially distancing? We'll wait…

Check out this 1-hour webinar and we show how to effectively utilize virtual environments to solve complex problems and foster increased collaboration. We’ll convince you that the "room" where it has to happen is pixelated.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this Webinar, you will be able to:

- Describe real-world examples that can help you improve performance

- List challenges and how to overcome them

- Outline ways to encourage collaboration while social distancing

- Describe how virtual training is not only possible, but the future


- Identifying the root cause

- Process to create collaborators and innovators

- Innovations that improved efficiency and effectiveness

- The impact and future possibilities of this approach

- Q&A


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