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How to Use Knowledge Management for Organizational Good, with Cindy Young

Ever you been the person your organization relies on to take notes at important meetings because you're familiar with all the players, the terminology, and the current state of initiatives and problems? Aren't you tired of being overlooked? Knowledge management can help you be seen and become part of the problem-solving instead of the note-taking.

Check out this 1-hour video with author Dr. Cindy Young for instruction on, “How to Use Knowledge Management for Organizational Good.“ Come learn about human-centric knowledge management, how to improve your use of knowledge, and how to use knowledge management to empower employees, and reduce or eliminate silos in your organization.


  • Introduction

  • Objectives, Definitions, and KM Terms

  • Dr. Nonaka and the Modes of Knowledge Creation

  • What’s in it for the Organization?

  • KM Challenge

  • Key Takeaways

  • Q&A

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