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How to Use Process Behavior Charts to Guide Better Outcomes in Healthcare

Many people think that statistics is the exclusive domain of “Six Sigma," but “Process Behavior Charts" are a statistical method that can be incorporated into any improvement initiatives or any Lean management system. This webinar will explain how PBCs can be used to evaluate the impact of projects and how they can be used to track performance measures over time, allowing us to react less, to lead better, and to improve more.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this Webinar, you will be able to:

- Describe how "Process Behavior Charts” (PCBs) are a useful, if not ideal, form of Control Chart for organizational metrics

- Distinguish "signal" from "noise" in a metric

- Describe when a data point—or three or eight—are worth reacting to

- Explain how to use PBCs as a way of evaluating attempts at systemic improvement


- Two Data Points Are Not a Trend

- Bowling Charts or Red/Green are “Visual” but Useless

- Run Charts

- Process Behavior Charts (PBCs)

- Evaluating Metrics Over Time with PBCs

- Evaluating Improvement Work with PBCs

- Predictable and/or Capable Metrics

- Why Just the XmR Chart?

Who is Mark Graban:


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