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Idea Boards - Costco's Key To Lean Employee Engagement, with Carlos Vallejo

Do you struggle with disengaged employees? Are you searching for ways to include people and tap into their collective wisdom? Costco's Optical Lab has a compelling model.

They started their Lean Journey over seven years ago and today, Costco enjoys significant success with an engaged culture and employee adoption. Employees are involved and their improvement efforts have enabled them to reduce optical breakage from 10% to 2% while saving over $30 million dollars. Costco cites their Idea Boards as a central component of their success.

Guest host, and Process Improvement Manager for Costco Wholesale Industries (CWI), Carlos Vallejo and his team will share what led to their wildly successful Idea Board deployment.

Check out this 1-hour video to get the details on Idea Boards and what drives the phenomenal success of Costco's Lean Culture.


  • Idea Boards and their purpose

  • Initial and ongoing challenges

  • Maintaining the Idea Board system

  • Results


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