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Solving the People Problem, featuring Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan

It's Episode 63 of the Just-in-Time Cafe Podcast! Come join Tracy O'Rourke and Elisabeth Swan for a relaunch of their beloved Continuous Improvement gabfest. The highlight is their interview with Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan, Co-Founders of Integris Performance Advisors where they discuss their new book, “The People Problem”. They've come up with some tactical steps we can take to improve our EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and solve one of the biggest problems in organizations today.

For the "In The News" segment, Tracy describes what’s happening at Kitchens for Good. A San Diego nonprofit that is both feeding and employing those in need. They are attracting a lot of local Lean talent who are applying process improvement so this nonprofit can make the most of its resources. And for Q&A, they'll answer a question about the success of the recent trend toward remote Lean events. Come join them for a jolt of Lean caffeine. It's a great day back at the cafe!


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