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Lean Coffee - Is It Your Cup Of Tea?

Lean Coffee—Is It Your Cup of Tea?

Have you heard about or participated in a Lean Coffee event?

Check out this video where guest Host Eric Olsen used Lean Coffee at the Just-in-Time Cafe to talk about...Lean Coffee! Lean Coffee is a way to hold agenda-less meetings (heresy?!) where topics with the most interest get addressed first. Dr. Olsen and Central Coast Lean have been practicing Lean Coffee—in-person and virtual—every month since 2018.Check out this "Lean-Coffee-Approach" experiment so you can see how to use it to engage your associates in Lean practice.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn by doing the virtual Lean Coffee process

- Discover tips and tricks for making Lean Coffee work in various contexts

- Understand why and how Lean Coffee works

- Understand differences between in-person and virtual Lean Coffee

- Learn how Lean Coffee can make meetings relevant and effective


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