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Public Relations for a Problem-Solving Culture: Storytelling at Work, with Bethany Foy

Public Relations for a Problem-Solving Culture: Storytelling at Work

Do your continuous improvement efforts feel hidden? Would you like more transparency in your organization’s problem-solving work? Are you looking for momentum to ignite leadership? While problem-solving skills are typically the primary focus of continuous improvement professionals, the culture—defined by human behavior—is equally critical. To help build sustainable capabilities with behavioral change, it’s critical to convey how the work is supporting the organization and who is doing the work and creating value.

Strategic communication skills are vital to keeping an organization informed and in sync. Watch this 1-hour video hosted by Bethany Foy, Continuous Improvement Leader for Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, who describes the success of their “Storytelling PR” so you can learn the benefits and lessons of using public relations skills to foster and help sustain a culture of continuous improvement.


  • Developing the Continuous Improvement Story and Sustaining Culture

  • The Delivery Methods and Frequency

  • How Storytelling Makes the Difference

  • Outcomes and Lessons

  • Q&A

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