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Spiritualean, with Allison Kestenbaum

It's Episode 99 and the highlight is Tracy and Elisabeth's interview with Allison Kestenbaum, the Supervisor of Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education at UC San Diego Health. She just got her Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification so we dig into the intersection of continuous improvement and Spiritual care–that’s a new one for everyone out there. For Hot Apps, we’ll cover an app that gives you credit—and we all need credit and recognition. Then we’ll cover a book that recently got some credit and the author just happens to be one of the hosts of this podcast—so stay tuned for gold-medal reveal!

In the meantime, make yourself some Just-in-time coffee and let’s roll!

0:00 - Intro

1:15 - What's on the menu?

2:06 - Hot Apps

8:52 - Q&A

14:49 - Featured Guest

41:25 - Upcoming Events


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