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Standard Work: Defining the Missing Lean Link, with Raaghavan Venkatram

Standard Work: Defining the Missing Lean Link

Standard Work is one of the most widely discussed yet supremely overlooked pieces of the Continuous Improvement puzzle. Why is a seemingly simple concept so hard to put to productive use? Lean Thinker Raaghavan Venkatram draws on the ground-breaking article by Steven Spear, "The DNA of the Toyota Production System" and the teachings of Oscar Roche, the Director of the Training Within Industry Institute (TWI), to share a critical missing piece to step up your standardization game.

Check out this video detailing how to make Standard!


● Intro to Standard Work & the Continuous Improvement Cycle

● The typical approach to Standard Work

● What’s Missing?

● Stepping Up the Standardization Game

● Q&A


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