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Stay Flowcused: Using Lean Thinking to Move from Overwhelmed to Flow, with Stefany Oliver

Do you ever feel swamped by the demands of the day? Does overwhelm take over your day-to-day reality at work or at home? It can get better! By understanding flow, and the limits you must set in order to achieve it, you’ll be prepared to create a better daily process. You can overcome the overwhelm.

By applying Lean thinking and the scientific mindset to your everyday life, you’ll uncover simple ways to manage your day as a flow system in order to stay “flowcused”, using the 4 key elements to create a better daily flow.

Check out this 1-hour video with guest host Stefany Oliver, Author and Lean Management Coach at Stats Canada, and learn how to master the art of "flowcus."


  • What is overwhelm?

  • What is flow and why is it important?

  • The 4 key elements + things to try for simple application

  • The “Flowcus” Continuum

  • Q&A

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