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Strategic Innovation: Empowering Changemakers, with Kate Parmelee, Sabrina McLeod, and Phillip Corsi

Have you ever launched an innovation program and wondered … what’s the next step? How do we adapt to a fast-changing environment and deliver—with limited staff, finite resources, and overflowing ideas?

After launching a completely virtual innovation program during the pandemic while being on the cusp of organizational change and a cultural shift, the City of Port St. Lucie, Florida team realized they needed to pause—and plan strategically.

Check out this 1-hour webinar with Kate Parmelee, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Innovation of the City of Port St. Lucie, Florida, along with team members Philip Corsi and Sabrina McLeod, to learn more about their journey. Discover what they learned while planning a successful program to spark changemakers and move a community forward.


  1. Aligning your innovation program with your organization’s overall strategic plan

  2. Launching an innovation program with few resources and limited time

  3. Keeping the innovation culture burning

  4. Methods to Activate Meaningful Data

  5. Encouraging Co-Creation

  6. Q & A

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