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The 9th “Invisible” Waste—How You Show Up Matters, with Jennifer Ayers

The 9th “Invisible” Waste—How You Show Up Matters

Would you believe that the number one waste in the workplace is drama? Drama is considered emotional waste and can consume up to two hours of our workday. Taking responsibility for how we show up and holding ourselves and others accountable in relationships impacts performance, improvement and how we navigate disruption and change.

Check out this 1-hour video to learn techniques designed to help us reflect on how we are "showing up" from Jennifer Ayers. As the Executive Director for North West High Performance Enterprise Consortium, she's honed a path for Lean practitioners to make a positive impact on the people (and processes) around us—and strive to eliminate the drama.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize your role in drama (i.e. emotional waste) and the resulting impact

  • Operate from more developed levels of self-awareness

  • Understand the importance of taking 100% responsibility (no more, no less) for what you do and say in every situation


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