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The Toyota Way Brings Kata Into the Mix, featuring Jeff Liker

It's Episode 65 and 16 years later, The Iconic Toyota Way gets a remodel. In this month’s interview, author Jeff Liker discusses his coffee talks with former student Mike Rother that led to a second edition. Tune in for Jeff’s take on artificial intelligence, Toyota Kata and grit. For our In The News segment, we’ll highlight how Lean Six Sigma supported UC San Diego Health’s collaboration with the San Diego Padres to hit the goal of getting the entire city vaccinated. For Q&A we’ll answer a question about the impact of COVID-19 on productivity: Has it gone up or down? And then we’ll tell you all about upcoming webinars and courses. It’s warm at the cafe—so stick around!


• 2:20 In The News: UC San Diego Health and the San Diego Padres create a vaccine superstation

• 4:40 Q&A

◦ “Has productivity decreased during the pandemic?”

• 10:40 Featured Guest

◦ Interview with Jeff Liker, Author of The Toyota Way, second edition

• 49:42 Upcoming Events

◦ UC San Diego Course: Lean Six Sigma Leadership

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