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Triple Win: Designing Work that Delivers for Everyone, with Thomas Bertels

Frederick Herzberg famously said: "You can only do a good job if there is a good job to be done". But what makes a good job, and why should leaders care? Thomas Bertels, the founder of Purpose Works and a well known expert on process redesign, explores the power of work design to create intrinsically motivating work, resulting in improved employee engagement, productivity, and customer experience. Participants will learn how different aspects of work design shape the employees’ experience and how to incorporate these factors into designing effective organizations. Using several case studies, we will discuss how to put these ideas into practice and how to structure an effective change strategy. Enjoy guest host and author Thomas Bertals for this 1-hour video, to learn about what makes a “good job” that satisfies customers, owners, and employees.


  • The business case for fixing work

  • The root causes of broken work

  • What makes a good job?

  • The link between Work Design and Operational Excellence

  • Identifying opportunities to improve work design

  • Implementation strategies

  • Success factors and failure modes

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how job design impacts individual organization and organizational performance

  • Learn how to utilize work design principles to create intrinsically motivating work



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