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Turn Problem Solvers into Innovators, featuring Bella Englebach

It's Episode 64 of the Just-in-Time Cafe Podcast! Is creativity seen as "fluffy?" Is Six Sigma seen as "old hat?" Are you struggling to reconcile creativity with Lean problem solving? Check out this month's interview with Bella Englebach, who’s new book, Creatively Lean, guides problem solvers to be better innovators. For our “Hot Apps” segment we’ll cover one of the virtual white boards that people are buzzing about since they can’t gather around a flip chart. And for Q&A, we’ll answer a question about alternatives to a controversial word, “countermeasure.” Okay, we started that controversy, but it's true--people want alternatives! There's a line out the door, but if you put something in a mug you can join us from your couch!


• 1:55 Hot Apps: Virtual White Board--MURAL

• 5:58 Q&A

◦ “How do you feel about the word, 'countermeasure'?”

• 10:40 Featured Guest

◦ Interview with Bella Englebach, Author of Creatively Lean

• 41:41 Upcoming Events

◦ Webinar: How to Apply Visionary Planning to Personal Goal Setting

◦ Webinar: How Lean Six Sigma Problem Solvers Can Hone their People Skills

◦ Next Podcast Episode: Interview with Jeff Liker, Author of the new second edition of The Toyota Way

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