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Using Hope as a Game-Changing Leadership Strategy

Do you struggle with conversations that seem routine? Are anxiety, mistrust, and fatigue a part of interactions? And are you getting into trouble in conversations by just showing up? The dialogue gap can be significant and is derailing motivated business results. Leading people today risks being ambiguous and joyless. Missing in action—the lead actor, Hope!

The restlessness of today’s business environment is not going away soon. Check out this 1-hour video featuring leadership impact coach Sunitha Narayanan with lessons on how to practice Hope as a skill. Take advantage of how your brains work and get back to belonging, to purpose, to joy, and to results as we build work together.


● What is missing from our work today?

● Why Hope is a game-changer

● Three leadership practices to build a culture of Hope

● Commit to one actionable idea

Who is Sunitha Narayanan:


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