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Value Stream Mapping: Charting the Course & Unveiling the Power, with Mike Osterling

Are you looking to break down the walls that exist between departments and deliver more value to your customers? Value Stream Mapping (VSM), when effectively executed, constructively overhauls how a business delivers products and services to the end customer—and it does so in an aligned and collaborative way. By bridging silos, it shifts the execution of work from an inward-looking perspective to one of cooperation and overall system optimization. And getting there requires the engagement of the right parties.

Are you looking to improve your Value-Stream-Mapping Skills? Are you new to Value Stream Mapping and interested in learning the basics? Check out this 1-hour video led by Lean expert Mike Osterling, Co-Author of, “Value Stream Mapping: How to Visualize Work and Align Leadership for Organizational Transformation”, to build your capabilities around using this powerful tool. You’ll discover how Value Stream Mapping is used to optimize the value-delivery process for internal customers as well!

Learning Objectives:

After viewing this video, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the power and benefits of Value Stream Mapping

  • List when to use Value Stream Mapping

  • Outline what makes an effective Value Stream Mapping activity

  • Relay some of the pitfalls to avoid



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