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Zero In on Improvement Opportunities with “Heat Maps”, with Olga Zhuravel

Have you ever struggled with where to focus first? As you build your continuous improvement roadmap, do you wrestle with which process or problem to start with? It’s often hard to keep the big picture in mind as you determine when and where to spend your efforts. Do you end up down the rabbit hole when determining your priorities?

Guest host, and Process Excellence Specialist, Olga Zhuravel outlines a new approach to analyzing and visualizing problems at scale with “Heat Maps.” This format of data visualization offers an efficient solution to elevating your prioritization conversations. All you need is a few questions and a little bit of Excel magic. Heat Maps provide the evidence to support, inform, and drive good decision making.

Check out this this 1-hour video to learn more about Heat Maps and how to use them to support operational and process excellence.


  1. The Problem with Prioritizing

  2. What makes the Difference – Sample Heat Map

  3. The Questionnaire

  4. The Heat Maps

  5. Where to Start

  6. Q&A


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