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How to Use Lean Root Cause Thinking to Win at Strategic Thinking

  • Merriam Webster defines planning as: "the act or process of making or carrying out plans." Sounds simple, right? We know planning helps us accomplish goals, work towards desired results, enjoy memorable vacations, and more. But what inspires you to plan? What excuses do you use to avoid it at all costs? What do you do when you have too much going on or can't motivate yourself to start? Join us as we explore different planning techniques to apply to both your work and home life, from the art of planning a dinner to laying out your strategic roadmap for your team, department, or organization. We'll review the root causes of common excuses and what to do when you hit an obstacle, as well as suggestions on creating your yearly plan and leading your team to success. You'll leave with a few new tips and tricks to help motivate yourself in your professional life and the world of adulting. Learning Objectives: After completing this webinar, participants will be able to: - Describe new approaches to handling roadblocks, lack of motivation, and getting teams on board to plan - Define strategic planning and how to apply it to your business or function - List the elements of strategic planning to gain control of the current state and identify continuous improvement opportunities Agenda: - Planning: What is it, why we like it, why we need it - Roadblocks: Root causes, methods to overcome, and motivation to do something - A high-level introduction to strategic planning stages and how to apply to your company or department - Tips for selling the concept of planning to gain consensus and suggested next steps - Q/A Who is Jenn Tankanow:


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