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Inventing a Lean Vaccine Super Station, Featuring Lilly Angelocci and Brian Hand

It's Episode 67 and Tracy and Elisabeth get the scoop from Brian Hand and Lilly Angelocci of UC San Diego Health. We'll get details of what drove the success of the vaccine super stations and how they've been improving healthcare with Lean. We'll let you in on an App that allows you to do real-time polling and cutting edge audience engagement techniques, and for Q&A, We'll address the fact that reading a book doesn’t guarantee you’ll remember anything from it...and what you can do about that! We're double-vaxed and ready for anything at the cafe!


2:18 Hot Apps: "Mentimeter" uses word clouds and innovative interactions to drive engagement (see "Menti" in action in Mark Graban's Webinar)

6:17 Q&A: "What's the best way to remember the books we read?"

12:36 Featured Guests: Interview with Lilly Angelocci and Brian Hand of UC San Diego Health

49:42 Upcoming Events

Next Podcast Episode: Debbie Barnard of the Joint Commission International

UC San Diego Course: Lean Six Sigma Leadership

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