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Winning Customers by Keeping Promises, featuring Jeff Toister

It's Episode 68 and Tracy & Elisabeth got to interview Jeff Toister about his latest book, The Guaranteed Customer Experience: How to Win Customers by Keeping Your Promises. Jeff took the classic product guarantee and came up with a formula to apply that to customer experience, which every business needs! They'll give you the scoop on an App for acknowledging employees, colleagues, and mentors with colorful celebration boards. And for Q&A, they find out what happens when you bring Lean techniques home—if you dare. It's another great day at the cafe!


2:30 Hot Apps: "Kudoboard" lets you send kudos for a job well done with gifs, videos, and text.

6:00 Q&A

Question: What techniques do you use to make Lean successful at home?

15:35 Featured Guest

◦ Interview with Jeff Toister, author of The Guaranteed Customer Experience

43:39 Upcoming Events

Next Podcast Episode: Katie Anderson, author of Learning To Lead, Leading To Learn (1-year anniversary)

UC San Diego Class starting June 15th: Lean Six Sigma Leadership

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