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Building Teams: Be Intentional & Get Better Results, with Rebecca Snelling

The 9th “Invisible” Waste—How You Show Up Matters

Ever struggled with a dysfunctional team—with disappointing results? Contrast that with the best projects or teams you were part of and consider those results. How often does a great team lead to great results? All too often we put people together in teams and just “hope” they work well together. We have found that when we take time to intentionally build the team and help them align around how to work together, we can increase productivity, efficiency, results, and fun!

Check out this 1-hour video, and get vital team tips from Executive Leadership Coach, Rebecca Snelling.

Webinar Agenda:

- Bringing a team together

- Uncovering Assumptions and Aligning on the Path

- Setting up an event

- Leading an event

- New ideas you can start with today


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