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Omotenashi (Japanese spirit of service and hospitality), with Edwin Garro

Have you ever struggled to improve your customer service? Are you curious as to why Japanese service is so incredibly good? The truth is, there’s something in the Japanese culture that makes their approach to service singularly special. Embedded in their ways is Omotenashi, translated as “Japanese hospitality.” But true Omotenashi goes well beyond simply providing good service. It’s a philosophy of anticipating a customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations through selfless service and genuine care.

Can a gaijin (non-Japanese) learn and practice Omotenashi? And even more intriguing, if a gaijin can actually learn Omotenashi, can she teach it to other gaijin? Author and Shingo Instructor, Edwin Garro, provides 1-hour walkthrough of Omotenashi and the concepts behind exceptional customer service.


  • Origins and definition

  • Three parts of outstanding service

  • Taking care of the invisible

  • Making your job a performance

  • Customer is Kami (god)

  • Case studies

  • Q&A

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