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Creativity: Gift, Necessary Skill, or Superpower?, with Ruth Stanley & Team

Many people don’t consider themselves creative or, they don't see a place for creativity in their work. Yet creativity is an essential skill for future success. The truth is that everyone can be creative in their own way. It's a gift that makes us human. With practice, creativity can become more than a gift or a skill, it can become your superpower for problem solving and continuous improvement.

Check out this Interactive Session with Ruth Stanley and the authors of "Your Creativity Sprint" for guidance how to build your creative super powers.


  1. Interactive Poll on Creativity

  2. Creativity as a skill (What it is, why we need it)3. Practice Breakout: Getting into the Zone Challenge

  3. Creativity as a superpower (Types of creativity)

  4. Practice Breakout: Hero Challenge

  5. Q&A

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