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Mastering Engagement: The Cardinal Rule for Problem Solvers, with Michelle Formanczyk

Picture it: a Lean Six Sigma project meticulously planned and executed, yet it falls flat due to missteps in stakeholder engagement. Does this ever happen to you? Despite a rigorous problem-solving approach, your project encounters roadblocks because those impacted by the project don’t feel they’ve been effectively involved. If you’d like a fresh take on the people-centric issue of acceptance, check out this video with Guest Host Michelle Formanczyk, Founder of Slingshot Designs, as she reveals the critical steps of The Cardinal Rule for addressing this all too common scenario.


  • Overview of The Cardinal Rule

  • Removing Friction in the Process of Empathy

  • Creating a Friction-Free Stakeholder Strategy

  • Interactive Examples

  • Q&A

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