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Salsa and Standard Work: Why You Need Recipes, and How to Write Them, with Hugh Alley

If you have a favorite meal, you probably have a recipe for it. Maybe not written down, but it’s there. But what if you want to share how you make that marvelous meal? Then you need to write out the recipe.

The same is true in the workplace, even if your work has nothing to do with food. Anytime you need to reliably reproduce a product or service, you need a recipe—it is called Standard Work. And what is your work as a manager or supervisor? What is Standard Work for you?

Check out this 1-hour video about salsa and Standard Work with Hugh Alley, author of Becoming the Supervisor. We’ll play around with some salsa ingredients, discover the three kinds of information involved in every recipe and every piece of Standard Work, and we’ll explore what Standard Work is for you, as a manager or front-line leader. Just like any kitchen party, we’ll tell a few stories and share a few laughs. We might even make some salsa.


  • What happens when there is no recipe—no Standard Work?

  • Why are so many recipes hard to follow?

  • The three kinds of information you must include

  • A simple format for documenting Standard Work

  • Which recipe do you write first—where do you start with Standard Work

  • What is Standard Work for Supervisors?


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