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Walking Backwards: Does Your Leader Standard Work Support Your Goals, with Chad Bareither

Less than 10% of organizations achieve all their strategic goals. Continuous Improvement is meant to help, but only about 40% of improvement projects sustain beyond two years.

We can and should do better.

Sustainment of any process is anchored in leadership practices. If the leader makes it important, it will be measured, monitored, and followed up on. Leaders indirectly define their priorities by where they spend their time. Devoting time to Daily Management and Process Confirmation are the leadership practices that sustain performance and improvements.

Here’s the kicker…

All leaders (all people) have finite time. This creates a natural constraint on the organization’s capacity to improve and sustain. Can you walk your daily priorities ‘backward’ to strategic goals for the organization?

Check out this 1-hour Video with Chad Bareither, author of Improve LESS: The Focus and Align Framework for Sustainable Continuous Improvement, and learn what it takes to "walk backwards."


  • Why Walk Backwards?

  • Leader Standard Work – both Daily Management and Process Confirmation

  • Sustainment and Change Management rely on the Leader

  • Start With the End in Mind

  • Case Study

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